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Stacey Sansom Designs - Beginner's Monthly Quilt Along - G+ Community

Beginner’s Quilt Along Community

Come join Stacey Sansom Designs on June 1, 2018 in the brand new Beginner's Quilt Along Community! What is a Quilt Along? Crafter's, especially quilters, love to get together and work in groups. Usual « ...Read more... »

Stacey Sansom Designs post topic: "Go purchase a sewing machine"

Go purchase a sewing machine

Now for the last post on sewing machine information - which one to buy. This is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! You have to make a decision on what features mentioned in the post about sewing machine types and fe « ...Read more... »

Stacey Sansom Designs post topic: "Sewing Machine Suggestions"

Sewing Machine Suggestions

This is a follow up post to: I want to learn to sew, where do I start? In that post, I broke down a list of the basic items that are needed to easily learn to sew. I felt that while I touched on each « ...Read more... »



Quality design should be within everyone’s reach. We each deserve a personalized and inspired representation, customized to fit who we are and what we do. The size and status of our individual needs should not matter.

Services Include:

» Graphic Design

» Website Design

» Custom Quilts

» Website Reviews

» Website Hosting (in house)

» Book Cover Design

» Printed Magazine Ads

» Printed Newspaper Ads

» Website Maintenance

Clients Include:

» Time Security

» Texas Sport Karate


» 1927 Scout Fundraising

» Champions Bushido

» Texas Gulf Bay Homes


» Gulf Plumbing

» Murphy’s Environmental