Inventive Site Strategies, Inc Logo

Client(s): » Inventive Site Strategies, Inc. » Inventive Site Hosting » Inventive Site Design   Project(s): » Logo Design » Website Design » Banner Ad Design » Customer Computer Desktop Background   Results:      

Kathy's Needle & Thread Logo

Client: Kathy’s Needle & Thread   Project(s): » Logo Design » Business Card Design » Website Design (coming soon)   Results:  

Stitchable Annswers - Website & Logo

Client: Stitchable-Annswers   Project(s): Logo Design Website Design Graphic Design   Results:    

Good Faith Services - Logo

Client: Good Faith Services   Project(s): » Logo Recreation » Website Design (coming soon)   Results: The purpose of this project was to recreate the low resolution logo, creating a high resolution image. The goal was to clean up the image and make it look cleaner and more professional.  

1927 Scout Fundraising Website

Client: Boy Scout Troop 1927   Project(s): » Website Design » “Branding” digital recreation » Website maintenance (ongoing)   Results:    

Healthy Prepper's Pantry - Secondary Logo

Client: Healthy Prepper’s Pantry   Project(s):   Results:    

Murphy's Environmental - Website

Client: Murphy’s Environmental   Project(s): Results:

WinnerViews Website - Who's Hot Now Page

Client: WinnerViews   Project(s):   Results: WinnerViews website was designed to capture the client’s unique style.  

Think Twice Fashions Logo

Client: Think Twice Fashions   Project(s): » Logo Design » Website Maintenance » Printed Magazine and Newspaper Ad Design (Full Page)   Results:    

Champions Bushido - Website

Client: Champions Bushido Karate   Project(s):   Results:      

Texas Sport Karate Logo

Client: » Texas Sport Karate   Project(s):   Results:    

Elegant-Annswers logo design

Client: Elegant-Annswers   Project(s): Logo Design Clothes Label Design Website Design (coming soon)   Results:  

Texas Gulf Bay Homes Logo

Client: Texas Gulf Bay Homes   Project(s): » Logo Design » Website Design   Results:    

Stacey Sansom Designs - Logo

Client: Stacey Sansom Designs   Project(s):   Results: