Elegant-Annswers logo design

Elegant Annswers

Client(s): Ann Kudlicki with Elegant Annswers   Goal(s): Create a logo that will be included in an overall branding package for the company.   Project(s): » Logo Design » Clothes Label Design (coming soon) » Website Design (coming soon)   Results:  

Gulf Plumbing Logo Design

Gulf Plumbing

Client(s): Gulf Plumbing   Goal(s): Create a logo for a new company.   Project(s): »Logo design   Result(s):

Stacey Sansom Designs

Client(s): Stacey Sansom with Stacey Sansom Designs   Goal(s): Establish a business presence for new company both in print and on the web.   Project(s):   Result(s):  

Texas Sport Karate Logo

Texas Sport Karate

Client(s): Johnnie Murphy with Texas Sport Karate   Goal(s): To revive the Texas Sport Karate website. Make the website easier to use for both the client and users.   Project(s):   Result(s):  

21st Century Family Historian Book Cover

21st Century Family Historian

Client(s): Devon Lee, Author of 21st Century Family Historian   Goal(s): Design a book cover for print and e-book.   Project(s): » Book Cover Design   Result(s):  

Think Twice Fashions Logo

Think Twice Fashions

Client(s): JJ Smith with Think Twice Fashions   Goal(s): Design a logo to represent the company that is similar to that of client’s partner company. Maintain existing website to make it more efficient and move to new server. Design printed magazine and newspaper ads.   Project(s): » Logo Design » Website Maintenance » Printed Magazine […]

Champions Bushido - Website

Champions Bushido

Client: Johnnie Murphy with Champions Bushido Karate   Goal(s): Create a digital presence for the karate organization and help boost business. Recreate an existing logo type in a digital format.   Project(s):   Result(s):  

Texas Gulf Bay Homes Logo

Texas Gulf Bay Homes

Client(s): Texas Gulf Bay Homes   Goal(s):     Project(s): » Logo Design » Website Design » Website Hosting   Result(s):  

Healthy Prepper's Pantry - Logo

Healthy Prepper’s Pantry

Client(s): Cindy Lane and Dar-Lynn Beard with Healthy Prepper’s Pantry   Goal(s):   Project(s):   Results:  

WinnerViews Logo


Client(s): JJ Smith with WinnerViews   Goal(s):   Project(s):   Result(s): The WinnerViews website was designed to capture the client’s unique style.  

Good Faith Services - Logo

Good Faith Services

Client(s): Good Faith Services   Goal(s): The purpose of this project was to recreate the low resolution logo, creating a high resolution image. The goal was to clean up the image and make it look cleaner and more professional.   Project(s): » Logo Recreation   Result(s):  

Stitchable Annswers - Website & Logo


Client(s): Ann Kudlicki with Stitchable-Annswers   Goal(s):     Project(s): » Logo Design » Website Design » Graphic Design   Result(s):  

Murphy's Environmental - Website

Murphy’s Environmental

Client(s): Johnnie Murphy with Murphy’s Environmental   Goal(s):   Project(s): Result(s):  

Kathy's Needle & Thread Logo

Kathy’s Needle & Thread

Client(s): Kathy Hellewell with Kathy’s Needle & Thread   Goal(s):   Project(s): » Logo Design » Business Card Design » Website Design (coming soon)   Result(s):

Inventive Site Strategies, Inc Logo

Inventive Site Strategies, Inc.

Client(s): » Inventive Site Strategies, Inc. » Inventive Site Hosting » Inventive Site Design   Goal(s):   Project(s): » Logo Design » Website Design » Banner Ad Design » Computer Desktop Background   Results:  

Troop 1927 Scout Fundraising Website Redesign

1927 Scout Fundraising

Client(s): Boy Scout Troop 1927   Goal(s):   Project(s): » Website Design » “Branding” digital recreation » Website maintenance (ongoing)   Result(s):  

Time Security Logo

Time Security

Client(s): Mark McGallion with Time Security Goal(s):   Project(s): Results: