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Do you live north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex? If so, this is for you! Do you have projects that you have never completed? Do you have a machine and want to learn how to use it? Have you taken a several year hiatus from sewing? Do you want to learn something new while the kids are in school? These sewing lessons are you.

Classes for beginner sewing lessons start mid-August 2018

Stacey Sansom Designs will be starting up sewing lessons effective the week of August 15, 2018. There are limited day time and evening slots available. Sign up soon!

Each class will have up to 4 spots available.

Sewing Lesson Pricing

Sewing lessons are group lessons of up to 4 students. If you are wanting a private lesson, please contact Stacey Sansom Designs directly to schedule these.

60-minute sewing lessons
$26.56 (includes tax) / per student
1 student fee
Reservation only
Flexible scheduling
Private class
Payment due upon invoice receipt
Materials fees are applied for some classes
90-minute sewing lesson
$37.19 (includes tax) / per student
1 student fee
Reservation only
Payment due upon invoice receipt
May request private lesson
Materials fees are applied to some classes
Classes may have up to 4 students each
120-minute sewing lessons (coming 2019)
$47.81 (includes tax) / per student
1 student fee
Reservation only
Saturday classes (coming soon)
Small classes of only 2 students
Payment due upon invoice receipt.
Materials fees are applied for some classes

Please note that by hitting the BOOK SEWING LESSONS button on the website (or Facebook) you are simply reserving your spot in class. You will be invoiced before each class. Payment may be made via the online invoicing system or via cash on the day of your class. Please reserve as many classes as possible to reserve your spot. Class space is limited.

Please keep in mind that we only have a set amount of time to set-up, learn, and clean-up. It is very important that you arrive at least 5 minutes early to get the best use out of your time. Set-up should not take more than 5-10 minutes after you have done it a few times.

Class length is 90 minutes. If you need a different class length due to time restraints, please contact me directly so we can discuss your needs. We can work around your time limitations.

How many sewing lessons are needed?

The basic beginner lessons series is 12 classes long. No experience required!

I have designed this sewing lessons series for the absolute beginner that has zero skills and likely does not even have a sewing machine yet.

Each student will come into a sewing lesson with different skill sets and knowledge and lessons can be adjusted as needed. Some students will need fewer lessons and some students will need more lessons.

It is recommended that you book as many classes as possible to reserve your class spot. You will only be invoiced with each class, payable on or before class day.

Topics for Sewing Lessons

I have been asked multiple times what these new sewing classes will cover. There is no “one” answer to these questions. I want these sewing lessons to stay flexible. By being flexible, each student receives the lesson that they need.

Sewing lessons may cover the following topics (but not limited to):

  • Evaluation of knowledge, skills, and supplies.
  • Basic sewing supplies and their uses.
  • Basic sewing skills – sewing in a straight line, sewing curves, etc.
  • Basic sewing machine knowledge – parts, proper usage, basic maintenance.
  • Fabric selection – fabric types, colors, and prints.
  • Basic sewing terminology.
  • Cutting supplies and cutting safety.
  • Equipment recommendations (if needed).
  • Sewing notions and their uses – making bias tape, inserting zippers, making button holes, making piping.
  • Sewing items with structure – interfacing basics, matching seams, top stitching.
  • Sewing items for the home and every day use.
  • Reading a basic sewing pattern – taking measurements, adjusting patterns to fit, cutting and markings.
  • Sewing clothing items.

Please keep in mind that many of these topics are very broad and may take 2-3 lessons to do them justice. Some may be combined with other topics. Private lessons will always be adjusted for the best student experience.


During each sewing lesson, students will work on and most possibly complete a simple project. These projects are intended to help you learn and use basic sewing skills. Each lesson will build on what is learned in a previous lesson(s). These sewing lessons are not intended to teach you expert skills that very day. Expertise comes with learning and practicing.

Students are expected to practice the skills taught in class throughout the week. This may include completing the class time project. It could also be practicing by doing the project again.

Learning to sew is like learning to play the piano – it takes practice! The more you practice, the faster you will progress.

Are there any additional costs?

I would love to say, “no” to this frequent question, however, sewing is not a cheap hobby. It can be done on any budget, but often supplies are a personal preference. Costs can vary from project to project. It is my desire that every student works on projects in fabrics and prints that interest them and this best accomplished by allowing the student to select and purchase their own supplies.

That being said, I will supply the basic supplies for simple projects. If a project only calls for a 6″ square of interfacing, you can expect that this will be provided for you.

Due to the nature of the projects in class, there will be a simple supplies list for each sewing lesson. These will be the major supplies to complete projects. My goal is to keep each project affordable and use products readily available at your local discount or sewing store. The list will include (but not limited to) any pattern if required, larger cuts of fabric, notions and threads to coordinate with your fabrics.

If you would like to have the project supplies provided for you at each class, please contact me directly and I will arrange to have a supply kit for each class requested.





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